PiVOT Hosts PINNACLE 2023: A Thanksgiving Dinner and Appreciation Night for Clinical Trials Principal Investigators

Last March 3, 2023, PiVOT celebrated Pinnacle 2023 – a thanksgiving dinner and appreciation night for our Clinical Trial Principal Investigators. PiVOT welcomed some of the most respected medical professionals in the Philippine clinical research industry to recognize and thank them for their exemplary dedication, commitment, and for their tireless efforts in advancing Clinical Research in the Philippines. Everyone was pleased to be in the company of the distinguished doctors and was eager to discuss the current issues and trends in Clinical Trials.


(PiVOT Managers with the Principal Investigators)


(Principal Investigators who have worked with PiVOT for the last three years)


The event was held in Eugenio Lopez Center in Antipolo City, the ancestral home of the Lopez family. It was filled with joyous conversations, refreshing music, and a stunning sunset view.

PiVOT General Manager Rodmar Pulido opened the event with a warm welcome and appreciation speech, thanking the guests for their commitment and support in the progress of clinical trial research in the Philippines.

(PiVOT General Manager Rodmar Pulido delivers his Opening Remarks)


The guests were then treated to a delightful dinner, serenaded by members of the ABS-CBN Philharmonic String Quartet. The event was made extra special with the awarding of plaques of appreciation and special tokens.

(PiVOT Managers with the Principal Investigators)


Company President Joaquin E. Quintos IV then took to the stage to deliver the closing remarks. He began by sharing the story of the founding of PiVOT and how it was established to take advantage of the opportunity that there were no serious Philippine Contract Research Organizations (CROs) in the country that could match the other multinational companies. Mr. Quintos then identified five key trends in Clinical Trials that will influence the need for Clinical Trials in the future. These include Aging, Non-Communicable Diseases, Technology, Consumerization of Healthcare, and lack of healthcare professionals. He further explained how these trends would shape the future of Clinical Trials in the Philippines and how PiVOT is poised to be the leader in supporting these initiatives.

(Pi Health Inc. President Joaquin “Jajo” E. Quintos IV delivers his closing remarks)


The doctors expressed that the Pinnacle 2023 event was the first of its kind in the Philippine clinical industry. Many of them were truly touched by PiVOT’s gesture to host the event and show their appreciation to the people who dedicated their time and knowledge to the betterment of Clinical Trials in the Philippines.

PiVOT is committed to the successes of clinical trials and research in the Philippines and will continue to engage in meaningful collaborations with the Philippine clinical research industry. With events like Pinnacle 2023, we are confident that the progress of Clinical Trials in the Philippines will be further strengthened.


(Principal Investigators with PiVOT’s Clinical Research Associates)