About Us

Changes in the Philippine healthcare industry merit new solutions

Regulatory Climate

  • New Clinical Trial Regulation and 60-Day FDA Approval
  • Updated Pharmacovigilance Regulation by 2020
  • Mandatory Phase IV Trials for selected drugs and services

Healthcare Sector

  • Mainly out of pocket Healthcare System
  • PHP 735 Billion in 2018 growing 14% CAGR
  • 1.7M births and 8.7M Filipinos above 60 in 2018

Clinical Trials

  • Strong Experience in Oncology, Vaccines, & Infectious Diseases
  • Large treatment naive-population pool
  • English Speaking Healthcare Professionals

Who We Are

Incorporated as Pi Health Inc. and registered as a CRO with a License to Operate (LTO) by the Philippine Food and Drug Administration in 2018, PIVOT seeks to address these changes through innovative ways

  • to increase impactful medical research output of the Philippines on par with advanced countries
  • to raise the capability and visibility of Filipino Principal Investigators in international journal publications
  • to contribute to the development of life-changing medications for Filipino patients from all walks of life