PiVOT announces partnership with Global Life Sciences Alliance

We are thrilled to announce our much-anticipated partnership with Global Life Sciences Alliance! Here at PiVOT, we are committed to delivering clinical research with the utmost validity, optimization, and transparency. We have found a perfect partner in Global Life Sciences Alliance, who share a passion for addressing the ever-growing needs and challenges in the life science and healthcare industry.

Through our collaboration, we hope to bring innovation to the clinical research field, taking it to the next level of excellence.

GLSA has over 100 years of experience and knowledge in the life science and healthcare industry. Their team of expert and specialized marketing professionals understand the current needs and challenges impacting organizations in the sector. They are ready to deliver tailored solutions designed to overcome these barriers.

They also offer a comprehensive suite of marketing and business development strategies, including advertising, social media strategy (LinkedIn), and email marketing strategies. Their team develops highly relevant marketing campaigns targeted to get qualified leads into the sales pipeline. These strategies are coordinated with their business development team to ensure a comprehensive solution for their clients like PiVOT.

PiVOT and GLSA are committed to addressing the growing needs and challenges in the life science and healthcare industry today.
We look forward to a bright future with Global Life Sciences Alliance. We are confident that this partnership will lead to many exciting opportunities, allowing us to advance clinical research and improve patient care.