PiVOT Photo Shoot Behind The Scene Reel

(Members of the PiVOT team posed for a pic with Mr. Albert Labrador and his Photography Team)

A professional branding photoshoot will help your business stand out and be seen by potential clients and customers. It’s a great way to showcase your products, services, and company culture in a beautiful way that will resonate with your audience.


It’s not always easy to see the value in something that’s not tangible — But visual assets are the backbone of any successful campaign. They’re what will get people to stop and take notice, and they’re what will make your message resonate with them.


We’re proud to have had some of our team members pose as models in our latest marketing campaign, which features a diverse group of people. They all did a great job they did a brilliant job expressing the culture and profession at PiVOT.


Here at PiVOT, investing in our visual assets is essential to our success. Brands deserve a powerful message that can be seen from miles away. Using images and videos holds more power over the audience than words.


As we “pivot” towards new marketing ideas, we want to show that as the most prominent local contract research organization in the Philippines, PiVOT can offer a  tailored/personal service in the emerging market for Life Science.


The behind-the-scenes is where the magic happens: from styling to organizing the set and taking care of all the details that make the photoshoot look perfect. Thanks to the FPH Corporate Communications Team, Eyesite by Asian Eye Institute, and Sir Albert Labrador for making this photo shoot successful.


Here’s the Behind The Scene of our photo shoot which happened yesterday:


Stay tuned to our next blog to see the result of this shoot!